If you wish to contribute to this site please follow these guidelines:

Videos - it is essential that your video is online somewhere else already, such as YouTube or Vimeo (better sound quality than YouTube) , then all that is required is a link. This will cut down on valuable cyber space.

Mp3 files - ditto as for Videos, but not so necessary. If you cannot host your mp3 elsewhere, I can create space for it here, so just send me single mp3 files, one per email.

Essays - Word files, rtf, or pdf. I will create a pdf for you if you cannot do it yourself. Illustrations can be sent seperately or embedded in a pdf. Send jpg, gif or bmp formats.

Other contributions: email me first discussing your proposal.

IN ALL CASES - there is no financial agreement in place. Visitors will be able to copy your sound files or videos, print out or download your essays - if this is a problem, see below. This site is dedicated to freely sharing knowledge. If your mp3 is already copyright, your record company MUST send me written permission for it to be used on this site. Hopefully your record company, in such an instance, would see the value of sharing a soundfile from one of your CDs.

The front page of this website has the following legal statement:

This website is licensed under a Creative Commons License . Please feel free to use and distribute freely non-commercially all its contents (unless otherwise specifically stated), with the proviso that any works obtained or derived from this website be freely distributed under the same license.

So, if you want to 'otherwise specifically' state that your work is not to be copied to other sites, please tell me. I will add a comment before and after the article or link.


Any questions or concerns, just ask.

Best wishes,

Rob MacKillop