John Dowland is without question the most famous lute player and composer of all time, arguably more popular now than at any time in the past, including his own time. His fame is justifiable. Whatever musical genre he turned to, whether solo lute, song, vocal or instrumental ensemble, he created something without precedence and set the path for others to follow.

This website aims to celebrate his genius, record his complete works for free download, and provide thoughtful analyses of his oeuvre. Here you will find recorded performances by both professional and amateur lute players, singers and viol consorts, and possibly other instrumentalists and ensembles as well. You will also find essays by renowned academics and by performers moved to describe the experience of performing Dowland's works.

The existence of the site depends on contributions - in all areas: performances, videos, essays, scores, etc. If you feel you have something to contribute, please go to the Contributions page in the first instance. I particularly hope to hear from viol players and singers.

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