Sarge Gerbode has computer-set the complete works of John Dowland - not just the lute solos but the songs and consort pieces (including all viol parts and an alternative tablature setting for archlute) - an incredible undertaking, especially as he is giving it all away for free. There are two file formats for the tablature, Fronimo (version 2 as well as version 3!) and Tab, as well as pdf. The viol parts are in score format with original clefs, in pdf format. And the whole lot can also be heard in midi...

Complete Dowland songs, solos and consort music - by Sarge Gerbode

If you notice mistakes, please email Sarge Gerbode with correction details. He would be very pleased to hear from you. From what I can gether, his typesetting contains no more mistakes than any good commercial publisher - very few.

The Folger Dowland Manuscript

An important source of lute solos by Dowland and others. A useful and well-considered online edition.