10 December, 09
Updated Paraphrases to John Dowland's A Musical Banquet and A Pilgrim's Solace by David Hill pdf here
19 June, 09
Mark Wheeler again combines Gothic and Renaissance aesthetics, this time with Dowland's First Galliard (P22)
02 June, 09
Two solos from Mark Wheeler, one (P48) on Bandora, the other (P50) on cittern
24 May, 09
Two new mp3 songs from Mignarda - His Golden Locks and Can She Excuse
27 Jan, 09
The final part of David Hill's mamoth undertaking of paraphrases to all of Dowland's songbooks. Here we have A Musical Banquet and A Pligrim's Solace. MANY thanks to David for choosing to publish his work on this site. A monumental contribution. Please send a link to all Dowland singers everywhere.
16 Jan, 09
The Right Honourable Ferdinando, Earl of Derby, His Galliard - video contribution by Valery Sauvage,
15 Jan, 09
Melancholy Galliard video performance by Valery Sauvage.
10 January, 2009
More David Hill contributions: Paraphrases to the Second and Third songbooks, and an revised version of his paraphrases to the first book. And a video of Sempre Dolens by Valery Sauvage.
26 December, 2008
Video songs by Mignarda: Sorrow Stay, In Darkness, and I Saw My Lady Weepe. And four solos from Valery Sauvage: Nos.10, 15, 40, 66a.
17 December, 2008
Three wonderful new song videos by Valeria Mignaco and Alfonso Marin: Stay Time, Wilt Thou Unkind, and Say, Love, if ever thou didst find.
15 December, 2008
Five new videos by Valery Sauvage: P21, 32, 42, 48, 78.
12 December, 2008
Paraphrases to John Dowland's The First Booke of Songs by David Hill- a major contribution, to be followed by the other books.
07 December, 2008
, Three Frog Galliard videos, nos. 23, 23a and 90 by Valery Sauvage
28 November, 2008
Five videos by Valery Sauvage
12 September, 2008
Another beautiful performance by Trond Bengtson, this time Tarleton's Risurrectione
30 August, 2008 Trond Bengtson has contributed two Dowland solos in one video - Mr Dowland's Midnight and the Piece Without Title
20 August, 2008
Just a link this time, but to an excellent site with all the song texts in original spellings
10 August, 2008
A few pieces added by Sylvain Bergeron including duet arrangements with Terry McKenna. Excellent stuff. I took the opportunity to bring together the mp3 solos and videos into one page.
25 July, 2008
A Coy Joy video contribution by Valéry Sauvage.
23 July, 2008
A significant essay by luthier, Martin Shepherd, on the types of lutes (and related string and pitch issues) used by Dowland. Also our first lute duet - Lord Wolloughby's Welcome Home, performed by Martin Shepherd and Stuart McCoy.
14 July, 2008
A number of magnificent contributions from Donna Stewart and Ron Andrico, the lutesong duo known as Mignarda. See mp3 songs and video songs pages.
11 July, 2008
Two major updates: David Tayler's dissertation on the Dowland canon - what did he write, and what didn't he write - and Martin Shepherd's very helpful essay on Ornamantation in Dowland. David Tayler also contributed his video performance of the Frog Galliard.
26 June, 2008
Dowland's Galliard and the Galliard on 'Awake Sweet Love' added - sprightly performances by Martin Shepherd on his 6c lute. Singers should note the c natural in the first bar of the melody, where they would normally sing a c#. Three videos from Tommy Johansson - great stuff. And the famous Lachrimae Pavan and Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens from Rob MacKillop.
25 June, 2008
Wonderful contributions by the lute and voice duo of Valeria Mignaco and Alfonso Marin, and a solo lute item by Alfonso.
23 June, 2008 Many thanks to Jean-Marie Poirier for contributing no less than six songs and two ensemble mp3s by Ensemble Walsingham. Martin Shepherd also added a solo lute item on a lute he made himself, Sir John Smith, his Alamaine.
22 June, 2008
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